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Lean metrics

For every week of your startup life remember
  • number of new visitors
  • acquisition - how many of new visitors did not abandon your site
  • activation - how many of interested visitors actually signed in
  • retention - how many of registered users came back
  • revenue - how many users paid you
  • info - all main actions you made this week.

Issue tracking

  • HeapNote can be your flexible issue tracker. Here, all labels are grouped into 3 categories:
    • Difficulty
    • Issue
    • Severity

  • If you find a new, very important feature that is easy to implement, you can mark it with labels: Easy, Feature and Very important.

  • If you want to find all easy features - just multiselect the labels: Easy and Feature (to multiselect - use Ctrl). It will show only the notes that are marked with both of these labels.

Site submissions

  • With HeapNote it is easy to keep track of all the places where you submit your site.

  • Each time you ask somebody (e.g. Killer Startups) to write about you, add a note and specify date, the site you are asking and its page rank.

  • This way you will be always up to date with the most important information.

Business contacts

  • HeapNote can help you organize your business contacts.

  • Here, every note describes a single contact.

  • For every person, you can keep its name, email, address and additional information.

  • To better express your thoughts, you can use Rich Text Editor when editing the note - it lets you bold the text, color or use enumeration.


  • HeapNote can be your flexible bookmarks manager.

  • You can group saved bookmarks into any categories you want.

  • You can easily add new bookmarks and mark them with labels using drag&drop.

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