Task management for Students

Fed up with mess in your tasks? Easily organize them using HeapNote. Sign in with your Google Account.


Works with Google Drive™

Automatically backup all your data to Google Drive. Use HeapNote to edit your text files from Google Drive.


Fully customizable

Organize your tasks any way you want. Create tables and easily specify columns. Mark the tasks with labels easily using drag & drop. Make task management easier!


Save time for more important things in your life!

HeapNote    makes task management easier.


Organize your tasks with labels any way you want. Create a tree of labels and select a few of them in the same time! Now you can finally have your notes easily grouped by the classes you take. Write down dates of exams and other important notes.


Easily create tables and specify columns. Make task management easier! Automatically backup all your data to Google Drive™

Highly customizable

With HeapNote you can create a table for any sort of information and organize your data as you want.

Always Secured

All your data is securely stored, available 24/7, thanks to Google App Engine. Sign in with your Google Account. Share your data with friends!


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Jan Horabik


I'm Jan Horabik. I needed an application to easily save and organize all my data (notes, bookmarks, words, contacts). I couldn't find anything that would suit my needs, so I created HeapNote. Soon I realized that it can be used also by students to organize their everyday life and that is how HeapNote Student was created.

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